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Our years old experience makes us the most reliable seller in the label industry in Coimbatore.

Unbeatable Rates

With inhouse bulk production capabilities, our prices are best in the industry.

Rigorous Quality Control

All our products goes through quality control that follows world's top industry standards.

Secrecy and Security

All our sensitive labels offers are designed with high Secrecy and security in mind.

Quick Delivery

With our efficient inventory management system, we ensure quick shipping fulfillments.


We have customizable offerings that fits your business requirements perfectly

About Us

The Barcode Division of Sree Labeltech caters exclusively to all your commercial and retail needs. We sell top-notch, high-performing barcode labels, thermal billing rolls, and printers.

With 31 years of industry experience, we are the market leaders in label manufacturing. We take extreme care to ensure that our products are durable, secure, authentic, and personalized.

We are committed to providing you reliable, loyal service. We do not undertake any duplicate label orders, which ensures that our barcodes are secure.

Our in-house quality control team inspects every single product to make sure that they are well above industry standards. Our export-quality products meet test and quality standards at every step of the process so that there is no need for customer inspection.

Our printer partners provide state-of-the-art printing machines that promise the perfect results, every time.

If you’re on the lookout for product labels, visit our parent company Sree Labeltech and take a look!

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    Barcode Labels

    Barcode Labels is an exclusive division that provides barcode labels, thermal paper bill rolls, and barcode printers to both retailers and industries. We are a part of Sree Labeltech.


    Plot no: 23, Chinmaya Nagar
    Thondamuthur Road Vadavalli
    Coimbatore – 641 041.