Our Products

Thermal bill rolls

Our BPA-free thermal paper bill rolls are made of high-grade paper to ensure precision printing. We provide bill rolls in a variety of lengths, widths, and thickness. We also sell POS machine paper rolls and thermal paper rolls for all common appliances.

Our papers provide a clear, crisp print that is easy to read. They are optimized to ensure the long life of the printer head.

Our rolls can be used for credit card machines, POS systems, cash register machines, and other invoicing machines. They can be customized to include your company’s name, logo, and other details.

Barcode Labels

Our barcode labels are printed with precision ink to ensure a clean, clear print. The crisp print can be easily read by any standard barcode reader. Our strict quality control standards ensure that there is no ink bleeding.

Our labels are available in a variety of standard sizes. They are tear-resistant and have a strong adhesive, making it durable and secure.

Our export-quality labels go through rigorous security measures to ensure privacy and integrity. We do not undertake any duplicate printing contracts.

Gummed Sheets

We provide digital sticker sheets and gummed sheets in standard sizes - A3 and A4. Our sheets are meticulously tested for adhesive properties. They can be used to print any labels or stickers. The strong adhesive is weather-proof, making them long-lasting, bright, and durable.

Barcode Ribbons

Our barcode ribbons are ideal for synthetic labels and thermal paper. We sell barcode printing ribbons in a variety of standard sizes. Our ribbons undergo stringent quality control checks to ensure a crisp, long-lasting print.